What works for getting new customers? Targeting Customers with Video.

Posted by Mike Coombs on March 7,2019

Video Ad

The right Customers… right in your hands.

On Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube...

Targeted video works!

It’s working for our customers right now, and it will work for you.

When I was a young video pro, I made good, cost effective television commercials, and put them in television shows that had ratings that showed the right demographic actually watched.

It worked.

Lots of small businesses made lots of money by using television advertising effectively. Some still do, although times have changed. 

Over the years the technology has gotten different… better. The web came along, and matured. And big data came along. The ability to “target” the right customer has gotten better and the ability to make video has gotten cheaper and better.

Full disclosure: Coombs Marketing does all of this.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Video is what works for getting new leads and business development. Video is powerful in a variety of ways.

Here’s the formula today;

  1. Educational and Creative composition with the message Time to Share on the blackboardMake a good video “commercial” with relevant offers and value.
  2. Get that “commercial” to be viewed, by specifically relevant customers. who likely, value what you sell.

It's simple.  But knowing how to choose among the myriad of good and bad options is the hard part. First, what kind of video commercial should we make? And second, how do we use all the sophisticated big data targeting tools to put our video in front of just the right potential customers?

Fortunately, like all technology, it eventually becomes accessible, AND AFFORDABLE, to small and medium size business. How much is a very well qualified lead worth to your business? 

We make video commercials. We always have, and we are Facebook/Instagram/Google/YouTube experts. (Not to mention all that "Inbound Marketing" and "Content Marketing" and "SEO" practice and theory.)

You know your offers and value propositions. You also know who and where your best customers and prospects are. We can make a video (or videos!) together and buy the ads on Facebook,  Instagram, Google and YouTube to reach those specific customers and prospects. And we can "see" our results.

It works!

I know it works because everything online is completely trackable.

Close up of businesswoman pressing media play iconWhen we place video advertisements online, we know how many people saw the ad and exactly what it cost, and much more. We know how many people clicked on the ad and came to our website. (Typically we only pay for “clicks”. That’s why it's called pay-per-click.) For our clients we know exactly how many clicks TO THEIR WEBSITE, we paid for. We also know which pages were viewed and how many pages were viewed. We can also see how long they stayed on our customers' websites.

Most important: 

We always co-create a compelling offer to sign up for, on the website. Maybe it is a “complementary consultation” or “30% off introductory offer” or “free useful information.” When we get a “Sign up” for the offer, that means we have that potential customer's email address, and other personal information. And with that, we can automatically send response emails, and do lots of automated lead nurturing and other marketing.

That all works.

But it starts with a compelling video advertisement, seen on Facebook or Google or Instagram or YouTube. Targeted and targeted and targeted and measured and measured and measured.

It works.


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