Affordable video as a strategic marketing tool.

We produce, place, and measure video for specific business results.

Video for ads, brand building, lead generation, SEO, and other measurable campaign placements.

 Use more video. We can help.

Experienced. Cost effective. Necessary.

(Often fun.)




Shot in 4k (UHD) and edited for both 16x9 and 1x1. Excellent Lead Generator paired with landing page and call to action.


On the clients website, we explain a CEO peer group to potential members, through the voice of current members, and we offer a subtle "sell" about the caliber of the leader and people in the group.


FaceBook and Instagram are very effective for advertising and promotion. Today, they favor 9x16 and square videos to "fit" on phones. Weird. But effective for our customers!

Testimonials make product claims believable. Done well they also make your value proposition claims AND sell product. On this one we interviewed the customer, shot the video, and edited the sound and video for Fiberon Decking, and their customer, Home Depot. The video is used on

Generally speaking, a CEO tells a small company's story best. Making it easy for that ceo to authentically and believeably tell that story on camera, is our specialty. It can also have 24/7 marketing, PR and recruiting benefits. This video was shot interview style, with two DSLR cameras for a soft, shallow depth-of-field look. We then edited extensively and added graphics.

We co-wrote scripts, and then shot and edited this and another related video. Then, we procured, arranged and re-edited the voice overs and titles for British English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian versions. These videos “live” on the Fiberon website in each country.

This video is a selling/value proposition video. We combined beauty shots of the product, with an expert customer testimonial, and just a hint of “how to,” to make this video an effective "sell" to the target persona. It will live on the composite decking page at

When a great new technology becomes available... sell! We created this video for the client website (which we manage), and shorter versions for Facebook and Adwords Video ads (which we place). They have been VERY effective for the customer.

Political advertising is high-end, fast moving, high stakes work. Political consultant Paul Novak at chose us to co-produce 23 ads for 6 candidates, including 3 Congressional races.

Here's one of those ads.

We wrote, shot, and edited this overview video for LMT Mercer, a "state of the art" injection molding manufacturer, and more. It's the "more" that distinguishes them from the competition, and that's what we communicate in this video.

A marketing video prepared for IT executives to acknowledge their world of increasing demands, and to present Xerox as a knowledgeable partner.

We wrote, storyboarded, produced, directed.

You can see this video and a sampling of our video work on our YouTube page at

I wrote, shot, and edited this video for the fine folks at Fiberon Decking. They OEM this product for The Home Depot and the video "lives" at