Caffeinated Video!

by Mike Coombs on December 3,2020

Here’s a simple budget video I created for a nice client: Cogo Caffeinated Hot Chocolate. The hot chocolate is delicious and "refreshes the mind".

How I bent Google to my will. (In 360 degrees.)

by Mike Coombs on August 4,2020

Google is the 2000 lb. Gorilla of digital marketing. Getting Google to “do what you want” is the sine qua non (Google it!) of marketing, advertising, and PR.

Why you should tell your own story- On video. On your website.

by Mike Coombs on December 12,2019

Both Thomas Edison and George Eastman (shown here) started as scientists with inventions to sell. And they both soon realized that, in order to grow and finance their continued science and company growth, they had to "show up" and become public figure business salesmen. 

Small and medium size business CEO’s and sales folks must do that too. They must go to bat personally for their companies everyday. And usually, they are good at it.

So do it. On video. 24/7. On your website. So more people "see" you.

You need a lot of video

by Mike Coombs on November 8,2019

We've seen great results with producing "lots of video" for our marketing clients.

It's time to get far more aggressive about the use of video. Businesses that wisely create lots of video "content" differentiate their brand and sell. The key is more videos in more places; multiple videos on your website; various forms and ad formats on Google YouTube/AdWords; Facebook/Instagram organic and paid ads, television, programmatic OTT, events, sales presentation and more.

By contrast, that one grand and glorious, totally beautiful (and totally expensive!) generic video about your business, probably didn't result in much benefit to your bottom line.

Today, more targeted and discreetly planned videos in more places your prospects will see, can differentiate your brand from the competition, and win, particularly for lead generation.