Write great blog titles: How acronyms derail your message.

by Katie Coombs on October 19,2017

As I started my Monday morning, I stumbled upon an email containing teasers and links to some of the latest industry posts. That’s when a headline caught my eye: PPC for Startup Marketers: An Introductory Guide by Marcel Pirlich. I found myself scratching my head. PPC, eh? What does that mean? The article’s description referred to PPC two more times before providing the “Read ...

Rochester marketing or Charlotte marketing or internet marketing...

by Mike Coombs on October 12,2017

Every business is global on the web, and compared to and competing with, every other business.

In 1994 the general public probably had to call you, go to the library, or request a brochure to get information about your product or service. That limited the choices, to your product, and maybe one or two other's product.

Today, 5 minutes at a computer or tablet, gives customers all the infomation they need to trust and purchase from you... or someone else.  

Maybe the competitor down the street looks better online?  Or maybe the competitor in the next town looks better? Or maybe, the competition captures the interest of the customer, gets their name, and proactively contacts them before they ever get to your brochure web site!

How technology changed the way we look at online lead generation

by Katie Coombs on October 5,2017

We’ve all heard some variation of the old saying “change is the only constant.” Let me tell you; the marketing world is one of the most glaring examples.

The methods by which people gather information before making purchasing decisions is 100% different than it was, just a couple of decades ago.

Every business is an online business

by Mike Coombs on September 26,2017

Is your advertising or trade show budget delivering top notch ROI?  Can you attribute sales to trade shows that are commensurate to the dollars and time expended? Do you measure it?

My solution and favorite (clears throat) "latest trend" is...

Collaborative sales and marketing strategy, attribution, and measurement. (Inbound Marketing)

What works best for getting your product or service in front of, and sold to, the right people? 

Customer purchase consideration has largely moved to the web and other digital techniques. I would argue that lots of companies still only pay lip service to this. Hey... you've got a Facebook page, right?