Video Marketing: You need a brain

Posted by Mike Coombs on September 6,2019

A “brainy” internet video marketing strategy is almost certainly going to be a sales winner for most businesses.


There is a huge push in the marketing world to do more video! Video can be delivered easily and everywhere. And it’s easier than ever to produce credible video communications.

It works.

But like all things, defining what “it works” means, is actually the difficult part. So let's say this: It means... having a measurably significant impact on sales and profitability.

We make marketing videos. So, of course we are thrilled by the popularity and even imperative of more video marketing.

And….        But……

...we also have experience and degrees in Internet Marketing, and consider ourselves PRO marketers first, before we think "video producers".

Video works. But what makes it work?

I’m doing SEO for video and pouring through Google Analytics (for video) and buying Google Adwords (for video), and FaceBook/InstaGram and GeoFencing the competition and measuring results (for video). 

We analyze for "what works". And we have learned...

You still need a brain, or at least a coherent strategy, or it might not work for the bottom line.

A “brainy” internet video marketing strategy is almost certainly going to be a big winner for most business.

We get great results for our clients with video. Internet video. Google Video. FaceBook/InstaGram video. Even OTT video. (Look it up.)

But you do need an honest strategy. 

What is most often lacking is an EXPLICIT BUSINESS PURPOSE and a plan to measure results.

Why are you making video? What kind of video are you making? For what purpose? How will it be distributed/promoted and “seen”, by who, and how many?

How will your shiny new video actually work with everything else you do, TO GET YOU ACTUAL MEASURABLE RESULTS.

The big advantage of marketing video is that people love video. The sight, sound, motion and emotion is powerful and the creative possibilities are infinite. We all know this.

Of course, your budget and ability are not infinite. You will not look like Hollywood without talent and money. But, you are right to think that video can sell and be cost effective, without winning an Academy Award.

I “do video” and read about video and write about it… So the interweb algorithms love to serve me all kinds of content about “how to do marketing video”. It’s blogs, and tweet threads and videos and sales pitches for classes, all about how to “do video” for marketing.COLOURBOX8284738

Most of this information is barely useful. I mean… it’s probably useful if your video experience is confined to hitting the record button in the iphone app, AND/OR… you are NOT a purpose and results driven marketer.

But most "how to" advice and encouragement leaves out the important related details that are absolutely necessary for measurable success.

Video can be magical, and being creative and serendipity always have a role to play. But most of the magic comes from careful planning.

So if you are interested in “purpose” and “measurable results”…and sales… you must start with the “whys and hows”.

Yes… do video. But forget the basic “how to” tutorials and "video is easy-just do a lot" cheerleaders, until you are really, really, really clear on your EXPLICIT BUSINESS PURPOSE for the video. What do you really want it to do?


Decide why, where, how, and what result you desire, in service to your EXPLICIT BUSINESS PURPOSE. Have a plan. A strategy. Or at very least, a scalable notion that “If we do X, then Y will happen.”

“Build the brand” and “get more leads” or “make a convincing argument” or “explain product features and benefits”, etc., etc. are perfectly good “whys”, but they are entirely insufficient without the where, hows, and whats.

Where will you place your video? COLOURBOX40700225

How will people view it?

How many people will view it?

What kind of people will view it?

What is different/unique about them?

What do you want to be different after they view the video?

What will that "difference" actually get you in business success?

How will you measure viewership and determine success?

And what will be learned from this to apply to our future video efforts?

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

Where and how will you use the video…

In sales calls?

Of course. But more aggressively…

On your website? Probably. But where? With what surrounding it. Forms? Offers? Calls to action? With what SEO promotion to get buyers to your website?

On YouTube? But optimized for YouTube search? Embedded in your site? Do you have “a channel”. What about cards and playlists and “suggested videos”. Or Vimeo, or Wistia or…

On FaceBook? As a post, a boosted post, or a targeted advertisement?  What about targeting? Look-a-like audiences? Long form copy, or short form copy? What special requirements does a FaceBook video have?

Or InstaGram? Should it be produced 16X9, or square, or even 9X16!

What about Google Ads and YouTube Advertising? What about keywords and video display ads? What about your landing pages? Bid strategy?

And what about OTT-(Over the top)? Or to come full old school circle, television advertising?

Will you buy impressions or clicks? And if you buy clicks… then clicks to what kind of video landing page? What kind of information or offer? What kind of call to action? How will you capture leads, and respond to them while they are warm.

I could go on, and on, and on. Video really works, when you have a truly coherent and measurable strategy.

And your "plan" makes the creating and making a video part much easier!


So I am 100% for marketing video. I recommend it. It does work for sales, for lead gen, for persuasiveness. (for getting political votes!)

But like everything else, it’s possible to get it wrong, or have it be ineffective. “The magic of video” doesn’t just happen from making a video.

When you start out to use video, if your first question is some form of “Can I make a video”, then STOP!

You can make a video. That is NOT the question. Today, “making video” is easier and more cost effective than ever.

Making well targeted, and convincingly effective marketing and sales videos, that lots of people see, and that measurably captures leads or sales or some other desired outcome, is much more than “making a video”.

It’s got to be part of a larger strategy, in service to an explicit measurable business goal.

If we do X and Y and Z… then $ will happen.

A “brainy” internet video marketing strategy is almost certainly going to be a winner for most business.




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