You need a lot of video

Posted by Mike Coombs on November 8,2019

We've seen great results with producing "lots of video" for our marketing clients.

It's time to get far more aggressive about the use of video. Businesses that wisely create lots of video "content" differentiate their brand and sell. The key is more videos in more places; multiple videos on your website; various forms and ad formats on Google YouTube/AdWords; Facebook/Instagram organic and paid ads, television, programmatic OTT, events, sales presentation and more.

By contrast, that one grand and glorious, totally beautiful (and totally expensive!) generic video about your business, probably didn't result in much benefit to your bottom line.

Today, more targeted and discreetly planned videos in more places your prospects will see, can differentiate your brand from the competition, and win, particularly for lead generation.

MikecamSqCheap AND professional. 

But here's the reality for most SMB's. Your videos need to be REASONABLY inexpensive and probably created fairly fast, and still represent your brand professionally. 

And they must be really smart, about business purpose and format. They need to "make" more than they cost.

That’s the trick. That’s the difficult needle to thread. 

The format needs to be matched to the placement and the prospects place in the sales funnel.

Where will the video be seen? How will it be promoted? It matters!

We’ve set out to solve the cheap-professional-smart explicit purpose issues for you.

With our video retainer offer we can be your “video team.” (White label us. )

Why Coombs? Insane Experience.

We write, direct, shoot and edit video with business, branding, marketing, sales and internet marketing expertise. So we tend to produce video as a "tool" for business results.

Sure, you always need pretty pictures and great sound and direct, coherent story telling. You might even need some good creative and some visual "art".

But more likely, you need lots of practical, clear, effective video selling tools.

So we produce business video tools. And we are flexible. We can simply take the video task and get it done, or we can be a collaborative, insightful, and fun part of your larger marketing team. 

4K EquipmentWhy Coombs? (4K) video cameras and video editing gear.

We own video cameras, lighting, and editing gear capable of doing lots of professional video, incredibly well, as part of our basic retainer.  Check out our examples. We can “one-man-band” lots of great looking, money-making, effective video.

And we also know when “high-end/bigger-crew and creative” is necessary. We know how to produce high-end for real ROI, without losing your shirt. 

Why Coombs? Analytics matter.

We help you set goals and measure success. We understand SEO, landing pages, calls-to -action and automated follow up. We currently produce and measure the results of video campaigns in Google Adwords/YouTube and Facebook-Instagram with tangible business results our clients love. Of course, we also have traditional television ads, big event projection screens and live multiple camera events in our experience set.

We will shoot, edit and deliver.

AND, if you like, strategize and advise and place your video as online ads. We can buy or consult on ad buy. We'll get your video on your site, or on YouTube, or we'll create your YouTube Channel!

  • If you want… We will help you brainstorm a marketing or sales video strategy. 
  • If you want… We can “be creative” and “write” the script and decide the format.
  • If you want... 16x9 on a huge projection screen at an event?
  • If you want... square and 9x16 on Instagram?
  • If you want...  16x9 and square on Facebook?

But most likely…

You need multiple smart, professional, practical videos. This can be accomplished with our 4k camera-lights-microphones, smart editing, and smart planning. Use our experience for your success.

Bottom Line:

We know video marketing. And we know it’s actually fairly easy to make a video. Lots of folks can make a video. But making multiple videos, that professionally represent your brand, and that really, really “work” for a specific business purposes, across the incredibly wide variety of places that you probably should have video…? That’s what we do.

And one more thing:

Part of your video strategy is probably that you (or your client), should be “on camera.” We can help you absolutely be your best self on camera. We’ve shot and directed national network TV anchors (easy!), Fortune 100 CEOs, and literally hundreds of smart folks like you. We’ve learned how best to put people at ease, to really perform, on camera, as their authentic best selves. We can help you with video that makes your business truly more valuable.


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