Your website is your company's best sales asset.

Posted by Mary Coombs on July 11,2019

Your website is your company's biggest sales asset

The traditional approach to building or improving a website is fundamentally flawed. A traditional website development or redesign project has risks. Up-front cost, research and resource allocations. All for a design that is subjective.  Will that investment payoff? 

After launch, it's not uncommon for a website to sit for up to 2 years with no major updates or improvements. Whether there's no budget or time for ongoing site improvements, or you have other priorities, one thing is clear. This is not the way to maximize your website's performance. You need an ongoing strategy designed to nurture qualified leads, drive new sales and grow your bottom line.
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There's a better way...

Growth-Driven Design mitigates the risk of a more traditional web design approach by shortening the time to launch, then focusing on ongoing improvement.  Collecting data about your visitor's behavior while on your website can then be used to direct an ongoing website improvement strategy, all while nurturing leads and providing valuable customer insight to your sales team - that's the goal.

What is Growth-Driven Design?

HubSpot defines Growth-Driven Design as a smarter approach to web design that eliminates all of the headaches and drives optimal results using data. Growth-Driven Design is an investment that produces reliable month-over-month growth. Your website becomes stronger as you continue to measure, iterate and act.  

The Growth-Driven Design Methodology:


What are you goals for your business? How does your website fit into those goals. What are your goals for your website? How well has the site performed in the past? What do you want to improve? Will this improvement help you reach your goals? The strategy around growth-drive design is to build an excellent foundation that will grow as it needs to. It's not a stagnant site - in fact no website should be built and considered done...EVER!

The site should be developed for the user or Persona you are most interested in nurturing. Do your research and develop your persona profiles to guide you in the development of your website. Write your value propositions around what your persona profiles. Know what devices they are using to view your website. Make sure your copy and imagery reflects the information they are looking for. 


Launch your website when it's "roughly right" as a starter (contains all the areas that are must-haves, but let's the nice-to-haves wait. It's very unusual for anyone to launch the PERFECT site. However, the launch should be an improvement over your current website. Everything starts from this launch. Next you will....

Continually Improve

Once you launch the site, you will continually fine-tune and analyze performance. Plan, develop, analyze, improve, conversions, user experience, offers, CTAs, marketing resources.  This will take more time than traditional site designs, because it's done over time, but the benefits will be greater too!

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