Got 90 Seconds? Inbound Sales & Marketing Methodology Explained

Posted by Katie Coombs on January 26,2015

MarketingStrategy-1Here’s the equation: Methodology + measurement = provable, sustainable return on investment.

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What is inbound marketing?
Attract, convert, close and delight.

That’s how we break it down for inbound lead generation.

ATTRACT strangers to your website...

...using Blogs, Keyword strategy and Social Media. Creating quality, keyword optimized blog content will naturally improve organic search rankings

 Then… share away on your Social Media channels.  You can also integrate Paid Search and AdWords for a boost. Track it all in analytics to really know what works. 

CONVERT that website visitor into a lead...

...using Forms, Calls to action and landing pages. 

A Call to Action in your blog gives your visitor a way to continue interacting with your brand.  A Call to Action leads to a landing page containing an offer in exchange for the visitor’s contact information, submitted via form.

This allows you to capture the lead and track their activity while visiting your website.  It also places some pretty powerful customer insight at your Sales team’s fingertips.  

The ultimate goal is...

CLOSE leads into sales.

Crafting Email campaigns and workflows designed to automate the lead nurturing process, helps to qualify sales ready leads, as they progress through the sales funnel… all while still tracking and measuring valuable engagement data. 

Ok…so you’ve closed that sale. That doesn’t mean we’re done yet. 

Use events to keep your customer excited. Follow and engage with them via Social Inbox. Recognize repeat visitors and provide a customized user experience each time they visit your website using dynamic smart content.  

DELIGHT your customers... much that they become promoters of your brand and bring new business directly to you!


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