CEO's: Be your brand in video.

Posted by Mary Coombs on January 30,2014

CEO's, founders, owners always tell their story with passion. On video, the story can be told over and over to employees, customers, partners and investors. It works.

I have helped make "off camera" people look GREAT "ON camera" for years. I know the tips, techniques, and technology to make you a very effective on camera, or any kind of presentation. (We even made a training video called Being On TV!)

We'll make YOU a believable, trustworthy, smart, and "human" story-teller, ON camera... a leader for every audience.

Check out our long-time client, Bruce Peters, CEO of WCEOhq and Doug Mancosh, CEO of Fiberon Decking. Very different types of businesses and different purpose and "story." But both of these videos have been very effective for these men and their companies, and they were very cost effective too!

Bruce Peters, CEO, WCEOhq


Doug Mancosh, CEO, Fiberon Decking

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