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Posted by Mary Coombs on September 18,2019

Conversion Zone Tracking - Store or Office Visitors

Storefront Conversion Zone with Geo-FencingWith GeoFencing technology, we can now track the number of people who saw your ads and then actually visited your storefront or office.

Can you successfully measure foot traffic from TV, billboard, radio, or direct mail ads? Possibly, if you place only special offers through those mediums. But, for the most part it's very difficult to attribute and measure these results. 

Not so, with GeoFencing and Conversion Zone Tracking. When a person's mobile device ID has been captured inside the GeoFence and serves your ad via that same mobile device, we can track them all the way back to the store front.

Conversion zone tracking measures the number of people who physically went to a particular location as a result of seeing your ad. This measurement is above and beyond the tracking you easily do of ad clicks, landing page entrances, time on site, and form-fill contacts. 

Here is how Conversion Zone Tracking works: 

  1. A virtual GeoFence is traced around an area where you want to target customers visiting another location (i.e.,  a competitor's store(s), a venue like a trade show, or a specific part of town or specific homes, etc.)
  2. Next, a virtual conversion zone is traced around one or more of your targeted locations.
  3. When the customer enters the GeoFenced location, they will then be targeted with your ads on their mobile device.
  4. When the customer enters the Conversion Zone, (your location or storefront) with their mobile device that has previously been served your ad, the Conversion Zone recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion for the GeoFencing campaign (whether they clicked on the ads or not).

Now you can truly determine the impact your advertising is having on people who have seen your ads and walk into your designated conversion zone location.

So What Is GeoFencing?

GeoFencing gives companies the ability to show their digital ads to people who have been in very precise areas (within inches of a building), and target users on their mobile devices, tablets and desktops. For instance, we GeoFence a trade show location, and the phones and tablets of that show's attendees. Because they entered the GeoFence, they now see our specifically targeted ads.  We know their interests. They are at the trade show! This gives advertisers very specifically focused and targeted reach with their ad spend, and precise ways to measure their results. You can learn more about the specifics of what GeoFencing is in our blog post Geofencing Advertising-is it for you?

With GeoFencing and Conversion Zone Tracking, you know reliably how many people saw the ad and then entered your "conversion zone".  So not only can you measure foot traffic to your location, you can calculate your percentage increase in foot traffic as a result of people seeing your ads versus those who did not.

Understanding ROI for Geo-Fencing Conversion ZoneThis new level of tracking provides an incredible understanding of your true return on investment.

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