Video: Got 90 Seconds? Here’s why you need a blog

Posted by Katie Coombs on March 3,2015

BrandLight First things first: what is a blog?

A blog is a list of articles that provide valuable, useful, educational content to your prospective buyer. 

So what does that have to do with drawing prospects to your website? 

According to one HubSpot poll, Companies that blog get 55% more visitors and 70% more leads than those that don’t.  And 57% of companies surveyed have acquired a customer through their blog.

People often underestimate what a huge impact blogging has on SEO.  Every blog you post is its own, individually indexed page of your website. 

...And each blog is an opportunity: to engage with potential customers, to utilize and optimize your keyword strategy and to provide solutions to your buyers’ specific pain-points; to fill a need.  By offering content that provides immediate value to your prospects, you establish though leadership and trust while also showcasing your expertise.

Remarkable content gets rewarded.  If you help them solve their problem, they’ll be back!



Topics: Blogging, Inbound Marketing