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7 Simple Measurements to Ensure Your Content Makes the Grade

by Katie Coombs on December 14,2017

The most successful marketers have their content creation strategy down to a science: plan, create, promote, measure, rinse and repeat. This is how the best content marketing gets done. Each step is dependent upon the previous one, to achieve success. 

Why then, do so many content creators disregard their analytics when measurement and analysis are so crucial to ongoing improvement?

Want 67% more online leads per month? THIS is why you need a blog.

by Katie Coombs on November 7,2017

You don’t see a value in blogging for business.  I get it.  There are a TON of people out there who just don’t see a point to it all.  To you, your website is more like a business card.  It’s a static entity that doesn’t change often – if ever.  You’ve got your keyword strategy mostly buttoned up and you “think” you’re good to go.  People will find you, they’ll love what they see and POOF – you’ll attract tons of online leads and new clients.                 

Qualified online leads increase by 451%

by Katie Coombs on November 3,2017

So, your existing ROCKSTAR marketing efforts aren’t having the same impact they once had? If you’re using the same marketing channels you’ve always used, but you’re just not achieving the desired results, perhaps it’s time to adjust not only your strategy, but the entire way you look at marketing as a whole.

A few stats to consider:*