What can Facebook advertising do for your business?

Posted by Mary Coombs on July 18,2017
FB Ads logo.pngHave you ever wondered about Facebook advertising and if it would work for your business or practice? Here is a case study of just one of our lead generation campaigns, using Facebook Lead Generation ads.
RAINDROP_LOGO_blue_ PMS2995.pngOur Opthlalmic client has a revolutionary new procedure he's doing to help people eliminate their need for reading glasses. We produced a short video, specifically for Facebook advertising, of the doctor explaining the new proceedure along with a few customer testimonials and ran a Facebook Lead Gen ad.
We geo-targeted this facebook ad so that it would be seen ONLY within 50 miles of the practice. That's the area of the majority of his potential patients.
still of raindrop FB Ad.png
From June 12 - July 12, 2017 the campaign has generated:
  • 52,382 impressions
  • 537 unique clicks
  • 69 leads (in 4 weeks) signed up for a free consultation with the doctor from the ad
  • Over 11,000 video views
  • 52 shares of the ad on Facebook
  • Invesment was a little under $1000 
  • Average cost of a lead = $14/lead
  • Cost of procedure = $2,995
How many $14 leads would you need to get a great ROI?  For this client, the campaign has been a worthwhile investment.
Next time you are thinking about advertising and lead generation for your product or service, think about Facebook lead generation ads. 


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