Personalize or Customize Your Website Experience

by Mary Coombs on August 29,2019

One of the biggest buzzwords for marketers over the past several years is personalization. While personalization provides marketers and content experience owners the opportunity to drive their customer experience (think Amazon), personalization is still very much a struggle.

People often use the terms “personalization” and “customization” interchangeably. Not clearly understanding the differences may explain why businesses have difficulty creating better experiences for their customers.

Content Strategy Drives Web Design

by Katie Coombs on August 6,2019

Our company goal is to help clients grow their business by implementing a content strategy to attain leads and drive sales.  We often find that upon meeting with a new client’s leadership, the feedback is that everyone is aware the current website “needs a bit of work, but it’s ok.” They insist we use what the company already has and insert a successful content strategy into it. Or, they don’t have the budget for a redesign right now, proceed with the content. The trouble with that thinking is that it’s near impossible to generate leads with content marketing, when your website’s design and/or user experience aren’t very good.

Is your website secure? - Why it REALLY matters

by Mary Coombs on November 15,2017

WIth all the online security issues these days, people may be nervous about giving your website any of their information - and with good reason. Trust is the foundation of a your relationship with your visitors, and customers. They have to know they can trust your site.

We see a lot of small businesses who's sites are not secure. They MUST be secured and fast!

The Whys and Hows of it are...

How Website Optimization is more than Keywords

by Katie Coombs on August 11,2017

Your company has probably spent a significant amount of time and money on your website.  Are you completely sure you’ve done everything possible to set yourself up for success?

When it comes to optimizing your website, it’s common to focus mainly on Keyword strategy and Search Engine Optimization or “SEO,” when in reality those are key pieces in a bigger puzzle.

You do need a strong keyword strategy and on page SEO, for sure...AND