How to put the boss "on video". Cost effective brand marketing.

by Mary Coombs on November 29,2017

Brand marketing starts at the top.

A simple talking head video message, done authentically, and with just the right touch of charm or charisma, is the most cost effective marketing you can do.

Put it right in the middle of your most relevant web page. Promote it socially. Make it available to investors, partners, customers, new hires, employees. What’s this company about? What’s the boss say and think?

People with any serious interest in your company will watch this video. Period.

Make sure your video is remarkable

by Mary Coombs on September 12,2017

Video on your website is all the rage these days and with good reason. Having grown up on TV has made us more inclined to click on a video before reading text. That can be a double-edged sword and a time-suck, (see cute kitten videos on YouTube!

Why you should tell your own story- On video. On your website.

by Mike Coombs on June 19,2017

Both Thomas Edison and George Eastman (shown here) started as scientists with inventions to sell. And they both soon realized that they had to become public figure business “salesmen” to grow their companies, ironically, so they could continue being scientists.

Small and medium size CEO’s and Sales folks must do that too! They have to go to bat personally for their companies everyday. And often, it’s absolutely crucial to business success.

So do it. Do it 24/7. On your website.

These dogs are in my office every day!

by Mary Coombs on May 2,2017

We have friends who just started selling an all natural dog calming formula, (Hush Puppy). We thought it would be great to have Chef Pamela (the founder/creator & culinary arts professor) tell the story of how it got started, so we made a video for their site, 

I really like this video for two reasons: