Make sure your video is remarkable

by Mary Coombs on September 12,2017

Video on your website is all the rage these days and with good reason. Having grown up on TV has made us more inclined to click on a video before reading text. That can be a double-edged sword and a time-suck, (see cute kitten videos on YouTube!

These dogs are in my office every day!

by Mary Coombs on May 2,2017

We have friends who just started selling an all natural dog calming formula, (Hush Puppy). We thought it would be great to have Chef Pamela (the founder/creator & culinary arts professor) tell the story of how it got started, so we made a video for their site, 

I really like this video for two reasons:



Top Trends; how age influences the way buyers consume video content

by Katie Coombs on April 19,2017

Influenster, a website dedicated to product discovery and reviews, surveyed nearly 8,500 people about their YouTube viewing habits.  Users of all ages were asked questions ranging from the kinds of content they were most likely to click, to how often they use the site and for what purposes.