Write great blog titles: How acronyms derail your message.

by Katie Coombs on October 19,2017

As I started my Monday morning, I stumbled upon an email containing teasers and links to some of the latest industry posts. That’s when a headline caught my eye: PPC for Startup Marketers: An Introductory Guide by Marcel Pirlich. I found myself scratching my head. PPC, eh? What does that mean? The article’s description referred to PPC two more times before providing the “Read ...

4 ways to turn your website into a sales all-star

by Mary Coombs on September 19,2017


Introducing the NEW and improved CoombsMarketing.com!

by Katie Coombs on June 1,2017

You’ve heard the old saying “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot,” right? Helping businesses structure their websites to capture and nurture leads is our specialty. Often, this means a complete website overhaul. Well, at Coombs Marketing, our feet were starting to get chilly (and our old site was getting a bit stale), so we decided it was time to get some new kicks (and by that I mean a brand new website).

Top 10 Healthcare Website Must-Haves for Success

by Katie Coombs on May 12,2017

A lot has changed in the way healthcare practices must market themselves to stay ahead of local competition.  Our top ten list of website must-haves is applicable to medical practices off all kinds, from Ophthalmology or Plastic Surgery to Dentistry and Orthopedics and everything in between.