Next Video Events/Corporate Meeting Videos

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Placement: Giant projection screens, coordinated with big lighting effects and room filling audio. (We did aromatherapy at an event like this, once too!)

Key Considerations: Relevance to the audience first! And if the client wants "different and creative", striking a careful balance of creative and relevance is imperative. We created this video to coordinate with carefully synced lighting effects in the room, and of course, custom audio and music.

Technique: It's probably got to be very "big". Today that means, at least, creating in 4k.

Results: They loved this event open. And we have created every other kind of video, both recorded and "live". Often we produced the event, did the creative theme and wrote all the scripts!

Keys to Success: You absolutely have to "hook" the audience somehow beyond just being "big". It must be relevant and meaningful, and hopefully inspirational about what is to come next.

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