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Placement: Website, Google Street View, Google My Business

Key Considerations: Unique 360 degree way to show off your physical "brand". Increases "time on page" and "time on site" significantly, so is good for SEO. 

Technique: Easy to shoot, but more complicated to edit, program and place online.

Results: In this case, "show off" high end medical practice. Increased time on page 50%.

Keys to Success:

There are two distinctly different approaches:


Interactive Virtual Tour or Google Street View


Interactive Virtual Tour:

"Tour" your place of business, place to place, room to room…


The sky is the limit… 360 degree still images, or 360 degree video.

We can add interactive graphics or titles or special effects, in each “room”. Or play other videos inside the tour, or link to other webpages.  The technique is only limited by creativity, and what is practical for business results.


Google Street View:

It’s exactly the functionality of Google Maps Street View, except we "walk", from the street, right into your business. The pictures can be gorgeous, but we are limited to the basic Google Maps functionality. But hey, it a huge SEO signal to the Google Algorithms, and would be prominent on your Google My Business Page, as well as your website.


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