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Placement: Website homepage or "about" page.

Key Considerations: The CEO (or other senior sales leader) is usually VERY good at telling the company story. Everyone interested in your company will watch that video.

Technique: Scripted, direct to camera or interview/documentary style. We are usually aggressive about preparation and planning, either through a detailed outline, or a tele-prompted script, or some combinations of both with "b roll" from around the company. See this blog post for one way we like to prepare for this kind of video.

Results: A prospects first look at a company usually includes the “about” page. Lots of companies have weak “about” pages. The page is often neglected as unimportant to selling and brand. That’s a big mistake because about pages get viewed. A video can help make a great first impression and in the process really “sell”, both the brand AND the CEO.

Keys to Success: It's got to feel authentic, while still being extremely clear about value propositions.

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