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Placement: Everywhere for short videos, your website for longer videos like this example.

Key Considerations: Be truly useful, be charming, be smart.
Technique: Ideas, useful information and humanity win. In this example we simply recorded our clients regular "Free Cataract Lunch & Learn" with three cameras. 

Results:  Great for SEO. Google sends viewers to our well optimized (Keyword: cataract surgery options) video blog page with the long, content rich transcription. You have personality and expertise and you're likable when authentic. And/or you and your brand can be the most trusted source of information.

Keys to Success: Be funny, thoughtful or... very...very informative or useful. Be the trusted source of expertise. Long content should be transcribed and optimized for SEO, then promoted carefully to "prime the algorithm pump", for top rankings in search engine results pages.

Also, make video that will be evergreen. We've made (and optimized) videos that attract and convert paid and organic searchers for years and years. Great investment!

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