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Fiberon Manufacturing Plant
French Translation on wood fiber

Placement: In other countries. In this case Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Dutch, Norway, and Czech.

Key Considerations: The timing of spoken word translations is different from language to language, so while you try to minimize re-editing, significant video edit timing changes must be made to match up for each languages audio recording.  Access to the original raw footage becomes essential to shorten or lengthen scenes for different timings of phraseology.  Also, translations and voice overs should be done by true "native speakers", because poorly nuanced translations or non-native accents will hurt credibility.

Technique: Make a good approved video. Get translations for voice overs, and titles! Be very careful with brand names, and colloquial turns of phrase that do not translate literally.

Results:  I co-wrote, shot, edited, managed translations and re-edited for 7 languages.

Keys to Success: I was asked to produce a video for sales people to use in person. I did that, but also made it "for the web". It ended up on the home page of the company in each nation as well as on the sites of some distributors.

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