Next Video Paid YouTube Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll

Rochester Bridge Save on LASIK
Save $400 image

Placement: YouTube Paid Ad, Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, etc- Also, OTT

Key Considerations: The relevance, headlines, and message must "hook" in the first seconds. This one was quite "hard sell".

Technique: Clearly "local" item and price offer ad, Geo Targeted.

Results:  This one had a very high view rate, and good direct click through to a landing page. Usually this is a play for brand "reach". With YouTube we can target searchers for a topic, but not as precisely as with Google Ads and/or display ads.  Side Note: This ad would also be good for programmatic OTT. "Other side" note: Because we do all their web marketing AND operate their website on HubSpot CMS and CRM, we know exactly what online ads work, what they cost in PPC etc etc, how well the landing page engages sign ups, follow up emails and what we "sold".

Keys to Success: Must be really clear, and/or captivating. Must understand the value and limitations of the particular placement. Measure cost vrs. results.

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