Mary Coombs

Mary Coombs
Mary Coombs, a partner at Coombs Marketing, has spent the last 10 years helping small and medium size business grow their brand presence and qualified prospects using Inbound Marketing tools, SEO, SEM, and social media, as well as traditional outbound online tools like Facebook advertising and radio. She has hundreds of hours of social media presence in her client’s name. She creates and acquires relevant content for her clients to share with their target market. Mary helps her clients to segment communications to match prospects’ needs at various stages of the buying cycle. She is an expert at using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool for clients. Mary has recently completed the HubSpot Partner Certification for Coombs Marketing. She co-founded Coombs Productions, Inc in 1986 and developed it into a successful marketing agency, Coombs Marketing, which was recognized on the Fortune 500 list of fastest-growing privately held businesses. While at Coombs, she has earned a number of marketing, branding, web, and business television awards. Her client account relationships included Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Constellation Brands, Duke Energy among others. Mary is an accomplished producer of media events and a team leader in all aspects of special event management and production. She co-created a satellite industry symposium for major corporations using satellite technology to communicate with their customers and employees. Clients include, Toys "R" Us, New York Life, ITVA Foundation, Weight Watchers of America, Xerox, Novell, and Toro. Mary directed the Coombs team through brand execution for Xerox Global Services and Duke Power Business Services and rebranding efforts at Duke Energy Corporate. Mary graduated from St. John Fisher College and lives in the Charlotte, NC area with her family.
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Recent Posts

Personalize or Customize Your Website Experience

by Mary Coombs on August 29,2019

One of the biggest buzzwords for marketers over the past several years is personalization. While personalization provides marketers and content experience owners the opportunity to drive their customer experience (think Amazon), personalization is still very much a struggle.

People often use the terms “personalization” and “customization” interchangeably. Not clearly understanding the differences may explain why businesses have difficulty creating better experiences for their customers.

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

by Mary Coombs on August 16,2019

I'm frequently asked, "Does Facebook advertising work?" 

My answer is a resounding YES!

For our clients, FB advertising outperforms Google Ads, radio, billboards, and even organic search results (SEO), and those work too...just not as well.

It's all about the data and measuring return-on-investment. 

If you think Facebook (and it's integrated partner platform Instagram) is simply where you keep up with family and friends, and therefore not a good place to advertise your product or service, that's a good assumption... AND you're wrong.

Your website is your company's best sales asset.

by Mary Coombs on July 11,2019

Your website is your company's biggest sales asset

The traditional approach to building or improving a website is fundamentally flawed. A traditional website development or redesign project has risks. Up-front cost, research and resource allocations. All for a design that is subjective.  Will that investment payoff? 

Geofencing Advertising-is it for you?

by Mary Coombs on June 26,2019

Geofencing is one of the new kids on the block in the digital marketing world, for small and medium sized business. SMB marketers did not have access to this sophisticated, hyperlocal targeting technique until recently. But we do today!