Marketing in an economic downturn

by Katie Coombs on March 17,2020

In times of economic (pandemic) downturn, many businesses are searching for ways to keep costs in check. When this happens, first budget item to be cut tends to be the marketing spend. We would argue that it may make sense to cut out some of your traditional marketing deliverables, but not digital marketing. 

Local Advertising; What is it and why do you need it?

by Katie Coombs on February 25,2020

To target audiences that are close to the location of your business, you need a local marketing strategy. A business looking to use local influencers and regional assets to attract customers in local neighborhoods, would benefit from a fine-tuned local marketing plan.

What the best SEO agencies do differently

by Mary Coombs on December 23,2019

Google uses machine learning technology to try and give searchers the best results to their queries. It's designed to better understand the searcher's intent instead of the exact phrasing they entered in their query.

So, what can marketers do differently to make sure they are served as the answer to the query?

Why you should tell your own story- On video. On your website.

by Mike Coombs on December 12,2019

Both Thomas Edison and George Eastman (shown here) started as scientists with inventions to sell. And they both soon realized that, in order to grow and finance their continued science and company growth, they had to "show up" and become public figure business salesmen. 

Small and medium size business CEO’s and sales folks must do that too. They must go to bat personally for their companies everyday. And usually, they are good at it.

So do it. On video. 24/7. On your website. So more people "see" you.